About the Gardens

Projects and Practices

The gardens at Falkirk Mansion are the result of a partnership between
UC Marin Master Gardeners and the City of San Rafael.

There are six UC Marin Master Gardener Demonstration Gardens at Falkirk:
Under Oaks Garden, Habitat Garden, Beneficials Garden, Lathe House Garden, Succulent Garden, and Five Mediterranean Climate Zone Garden. They demonstrate and display a wide range of sustainable practices:

Water Use: including berms, swales, a range of irrigation techniques, mostly drip and pop-ups.

Mulching: including pebbles and rocks, shredded and chunked bark, oak leaf, broken terra cotta pots, pine needles.

Choice of Low-Water Use Plants: including California natives and succulents and a huge variety of drought- tolerant or low-water use plants from other Mediterranean climate zones, particularly Australia and South Africa (all of which are labeled).

Habitat Creation: including examples of shelter and housing, water accessibility, and plants as a food source.


We have offered a number of on-site workshops using these gardens, including:

Propagation Workshops taught by UC Marin Master Gardeners.

Consultations and visits from the gardening class at Marin Academy and will continue this relationship.

Working with two scout troops on plant choices and in work parties, one of which involved the scouts building our compost bins.
Morning talks at the adjacent San Rafael Public Library on Basic Elements of Sustainable Gardening and group tours of the gardens after the talks. 

Sustainable Practices listed above (Requirements for Creating a Habitat Garden, How to Invite Bees into Your Garden, What are the Elements of a Sustainable Garden, Choosing Low Water Use Plants, What is Hydrozoning and Why Do I Need It?, etc.). This completes the stationary and permanent aspects of the Educational Component of these Demonstration Gardens.

Many Master Gardener volunteers have participated in the work of these gardens and have accrued hundreds of volunteer service hours in the process. We have begun a group called Friends of Falkirk Gardens and hope that volunteers from the public would like to share in the work and the maintaining of these beautiful public gardens.
If you are interested in sharing in this Community Service Project email agmbean@comcast.net