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Outdoor Lighting
There is no built-in outdoor lighting in either the Rose Garden or Wedding Lawn. If you intend to use those areas after sunset, please rent lamp posts or up-lighting from a party equipment vendor. We can provide a list of local vendors.

Most of our guests, however, finish outdoor activities before sunset and then move the party to the mansion and verandah. Be sure to allow enough natural lighting for your staff to clear the outdoor areas before it gets dark.

Our Verandah is strung with festive market lights and tasteful white twinkle lights in the trees and bushes. There are also flood lights around the perimeter, which are on a dimmer.

NOTE: Candles, flames, or heat lamps are not permitted inside the mansion, on the exterior grounds, or on the verandah under any circumstances.

There is no built-in outdoor electricity. Power is provided by Falkirk staff via long extension cords to the Rose Garden and Wedding Lawn. Please refer to the All Event Spaces Floorplan link below, which includes plans of the Rose Garden and Wedding Lawn and indicates the best places to set-up lighting and equipment.

Floorplans and Grounds Plans:
Click here to view or download Falkirk floorplans and grounds plans in Excel 2010 .xlsx format