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We have 100 mahogany folding chairs with padded seats.
We have (13) 6’ x 2.5’ and (1) 5’ x 2.5 rectangular banquet tables.

The tables and chairs are provided at no additional cost.

All of our tables combined can seat approximately 91- 104 adults – depending on the layout.  Please keep the following information in mind when creating a seating layout for your event:

Table seating suggestion:

1 x 6' table = 8 adults

2 x 6' tables, end-to-end = 14 adults

7 x 6' tables, plus 1 x 5' (total tables available as part of rental)= 54 adults

It is the renter’s responsibility to set-up and put away all chairs, tables, or other equipment. We recommend that you coordinate with your caterer to handle event set-up and clean-up, as they typically can provide staff to assist you.

Please note the banquet tables are often used for DJs, bars, additional caterer stations, etc. Our guests typically rent additional tables from a local party equipment vendor for dining.

All glassware, dinnerware, tablecloths, and similar items should either be rented from a party equipment vendor or may be arranged by your caterer. Many caterers are "full service" and will arrange the rental of additional tables, chairs, dinnerware, bar stations, etc.