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Although we do not have a hardwood dance floor, there is a 12.5' x 14.5' carpet in the parlor which you may dance on. If you would like to rent a dance floor, it can go on top of the carpet or may be placed on the verandah only. Dance floors are not allowed outside on the lawns or in the Rose Garden under any circumstances.

Our suggestion, however, would be to avoid renting a dance floor, unless you really need or want a hard wood surface.

Based on our experience with dance floors, our suggustion would be to rent a dance floor only if the style of dancing absolutely requires a hard surface (ballroom or swing-style dancing, for example.) The dance floor must be set-up by your staff prior to guest arrival and completely removed at the end if the night before you depart. Although there are various manufacturers of portable dance floors, many of the modular wood floors can be somewhat time-consuming to assemble/disassemble and typically have a metal lip around the perimeter, which creates a tripping hazard. Power tools (drill with screwdriver attachments) are required to assemble the modules. Additionally, there is the cost of rental, the logistics of delivery and pickup, and the assembly/disassembly time to consider.