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There will be a Falkirk Facility Attendant on-site during your event.

Facility Attendant Duties

All set-up and clean-up, moving of chairs, tables, etc. are for you to arrange. We recommend that you coordinate with your caterer, who can provide staff to handle set-up/clean-up.

The Facility Attendant is an employee of the City of San Rafael, acting as a liaison between your vendors and the City, rather than a staff person you are hiring. The Facility Attendant is on-site before, during, and after your event and is here to advise your vendors and key personnel as to Falkirk safety, policies, and equipment; moderate the event activities so as to prevent injury or damage to the property; advise as to efficient and safe set-up and use of the grounds and equipment, such as electrical cords on both the Wedding Lawn and in the Rose Garden; liaison and direct private security personnel; contact authorities in the case of injury, fire, or other emergencies.